WWDC 2019 at SwiftSofia


JSTalks 2019
ДАТА: 23.11.2019

WWDC 2019 at SwiftSofia

Happy Tuesday! Next #SwiftSofia meet-up is around the corner, so if you are eager to hear insights from the last WWDC conference, save the time & date- COSMOS Coworking Camp on 19.06 at 7pm!


See you there! :)

КОГА: 19.06.2019

МЯСТО: Cosmos Coworking


Our speaker this time will be Martin Kuvandzhiev, who will be talking about his one of a kind experience in San Jose. WWDC2019 is already over but it has left tons of tools, kits, ideas and code to play with. Martin who was one of the attendees at WWDC is going to share his experience with us :)

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Martin is CEO of, a company creating startups. He has 5 years of iOS development experience and 8 years of developing startups. One of the products that he was a main contributor to is being sold in Apple Stores from June 12. If you want to see a summary of the WWDC2019, speak with cool people and drink a beer (or few), be welcome at this edition of #SwiftSofia!